Lumbini Park
లుంబిని పార్క్
لمبنی پارک

Lumbini Park is a small public, urban park of 7.5 acres (0.030 km2; 0.0117 sq mi) adjacent to Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad, India. Since it is located in the center of the city and is in close proximity to other tourist attractions, such as Birla Mandir and Necklace Road, it attracts many visitors throughout the year. Constructed in 1994, the park is maintained by the Buddha Purnima Project Authority that functions under the directives of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. In 2007, it was one of the targets of the 25 August 2007 Hyderabad bombings that killed 44 people.

A major attraction on the Tank Bund Road in Hyderabad is the Lumbini Park, which is located in the heart of the city near the Hussain Sagar Lake. Maintained by the Buddha Purnima Project Authority, the park was constructed in 1994 and occupies an area of 7.5 acres. The park is a perfect place where a family can get together and spend time with dear ones.

The Lumbini Park has become an ideal place of relaxation and a place of amusement. The park has been named after the garden that was the birth place of Prince Siddhartha who later went on to become Lord Buddha. The park also contains a statue of Lord Buddha located in the middle of the lake on a raised platform. The park is a hit with kids and families and has several attractions that could lure you to spend an evening away from home, with your family.

The main attraction of the park is the laser show that takes place every day. Gone are the days when 2D laser shows were the only ones happening in India. The Lumbini Park offers the opportunity to watch one of the greatest laser shows currently happening in India. The laser show attracts thousands of visitors every year to the park. The best part of the Laser show is when the laser is used to create a 3D city, which simply takes the breath away. There is also a musical fountain in which the water from the synchronized fountains is released in accordance with the tunes being played which are generally in Telugu.

Boating is another attraction that pulls visitors to this place. One can hire a paddle boat and take it for a ride in the lake next to the park. This also gives an opportunity to get closer to the Lord Buddha statue located in the middle of the lake

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Summers in Hyderabad last from March to May and is very hot especially April and May months, with temperature lying in the high 30’s and low 40’s.Winters last from November to February and is generally more pleasant with mercury dropping to between 25°C to 15°C.

The park is now known as T. Anjaiah Lumbini Park after it was renamed in 2006 in honour of the late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

The park is open to visitors on all days except Mondays. A laser show is held at venue everyday at 7:15 pm except weekends when it happens twice at 7:15 pm and at 8:30 pm.

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Location: Opposite Secretariat New Gate Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500004