The climate of Hyderabad remains fairly warm through most parts of the year and does not receive much rainfall in the monsoon. With the onset of winters in North and central parts of India, temperatures marginally come down in the months of December and January and the nights become quite cool in and around the Hyderabad city. During the summer months, the mercury goes as high as 42° C while in winters the minimum temperature may come down to as low as 12° C. June to November are the months of monsoons, accompanied by rains. During the Monsoons also the temperature goes down at times. Thus, for most parts of the year the weather and climate of Hyderabad remains fairly moderate and you can visit the Hyderabad city anytime in the year but the best season to visit Hyderabad is between October-February.

Clothes to Wear While Traveling to Hyderabad
While traveling to Hyderabad during the summer months, you must carry and wear light cotton clothes while in winter season, especially in December and January, you need to carry some light warm clothes as the mercury dips significantly.