Getting around Hyderabad City

Means of Transport

Getting around: If you are traveling to Hyderabad on business — as is increasingly the case now — it is easy to miss the 400-year-old Hyderabad. The city that immediately hits the eye is a sprawling metropolis of shopping malls and office buildings with glass facades. The whole of the city seems to be under construction or renovation and the roads are jammed because flyovers are being constructed. It is a magnificent city in many senses.

The “old city” that was once the seat of the Nizam, the ruler of the largest and the most opulent “princely state”, and the twin city of Secunderabad where the British maintained a cantonment to keep the army within striking distance of the Nizam can be seen only if you take the time out to see them. Hyderabad’s many epithets include the City of Pearls, the City of Nawabs, the Biryani City and, because of its high-tech draw, Cyberabad.

Getting around Hyderabad city is really easy by various local transports like Bus, Car, Auto rickshaw, Motorcycle & Train. Like otHyderabad_from_Char_Minarher Indian cities, Hyderabad suffers from traffic congestion. But now that we have new flyovers in the city, traffic congestions have reduced to an extent. To solve traffic congestion completely, there are several more flyovers under construction. Outer ring road and inner ring road work is also under process. Various projects have been sanctioned for easy traffic flow.

There are many ways to get around in Hyderabad. It has good bus service, passable autorickshaw and taxi service and a grossly inadequate local train service

By Bus

Getting around: Hyderabad has good local bus connectivity and is run by TSRTC, a state-government owned corporation. Most buses start and end at the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Terminus more commonly known as Imlibun. Apart from normal local buses, you have a choice of Metro Express and Metro Deluxe aka Veera. There have also been Air-conditioned buses all over the city (minimum fare Rs 22/-),though frequency is very low and the interiors are not upto the mark. Local buses tend to get extremely overcrowded and travelling on the footboard of a bus is very common.
As of 2011 a fleet of new, more comfortable, buses includehe blue-liveried Tata Marcopolo buses of the Metro Deluxe class and the City Sheetal buses (Volvo or Tata Marcopolo). They are air-conditioned and have limited stops. They are not crowded and you can get a seat most of the times.
The routes displayed on buses are normally shown in at least two languages, one of which is English. The best way to get to a location by bus would be to get to a bus stop and ask people waiting there. You could also get into a bus going in your direction and ask the conductor for help.

By Autorickshaw

Autorickshaws in Hyderabad should be metered, though it can be difficult for non-locals and locals alike to find an autorickshaw driver who ever agrees to a metered fare. (This is especially true when hailing an auto in front of a 5 star hotel and near Hi-Tech area.) However, Traffic police are very helpful and will help engage an Auto with metered fare. Autos can carry a maximum of 3 passengers excluding the driver, but it is common to find them being overloaded to carry up to six passengers. The minimum fare is Rs 16 which covers the first 1.6 km. Each additional km is another Rs 8. There are also shared 8 seater Maxi Vans available to and fro from the suburbs to a main location of the city in that direction. Fares are mostly 2 rupees more than bus fares, but are far more comfortable and fast for short distances upto 5 km. Fix the fare before you step into the auto-rickshaw.

Auto Drivers in Hyderabad are a nightmare and are absolutely uncooperative. Finding a needle in a haystack is easier than finding an auto driver who agrees to go by the metered rate with a common excuse that their meter is not functioning. They always demand a much higher fare even though the fare has been increased from Rs 12-14. It is advised to keep extra change with you since most of the auto drivers will claim that they don’t have change, even if they have. If you have a choice then always opt for a prepaid cab.

Reckless driving and accidents are very common in this city.
Most of the auto drivers want you to checkout Govt. Authentic pearls shop in exchange of less fare however they are okay if you don’t buy anything from these shops, just sit there for 10 minutes. They get 25 kg rice if they take 15 customers to these pearls shop. The pearl shops are notorious for persuasive sales tactics and they won’t let you out easily. So pay the complete fare to auto drivers instead of being diverted to a pearl shop. Auto drivers get some percent of the entry fees (around Rs. 10/-) if they take you to the places like Chow Mahal or Salarjung museum for free. If you are around these areas get into some auto instead of walking down and ask them to drop you there.

Also in many parts of the city it is easy to find a shared auto running, just reach the nearest bus stop and ask the locals for a shared auto, they should readily guide you. If u see an over loaded auto-rikshaw, it is a shared one and you just need to wave at the next less-populated one. Auto Drivers are the most reckless drivers in Hyderabad. Better booking a cab then looking for auto-rickshaw whose major goal is extract as much as money from the customers.

By Taxi

Metered taxis are available, but they cannot be hailed off the street. One needs to call their centralised call centre and book the service. Service is very good, especially if you are booking for longer distances. It can be next to impossible to be able to get a cab without prior booking since demand far outstrips the supply. All metered cabs have digital meters that show the distance and fare.

Operators offering metered taxis at Rs 10 per km (Most of them are now charging Rs 12 per km for an Indica, Rs 10 continues in case of Maruti Omni) with a minimum charge is Rs 80 in most cases. Many taxi services prefer not to book trips that are only a short distance.

Note: By clicking on Taxi / Image logo, you will re-direct to respective taxi booking website.

Meru Cabs

Ph: 040- 44 22 44 22

offers taxis at Rs. 40/- for first two Kms and Rs. 18/- per Km after that.


Email :    Ph : 040-64531222   Cell : +91 8801003000

Address: 402 Moon Rock Residency, C block, Botanical Garden Road, Sri Ramnagar – Block C, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084
088853 63000

offers taxis at Rs. 12/- per Km. Detailed tariff of sln cabs Hyderabad can be viewed at website.

Sky Cabs

Ph : 040-49494949

Noori Towers,Door No : 6-2-338/1,Hill Top Colony, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
040 4949 4949

offers taxis at Rs. 40/- for first two Kms and Rs. 18/- per Km after that.

Green Cabs

Phone: 040 2460 6060

Address: 5-9-14, Alikhan Estate, Saifabad, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500095

offers taxis at Rs. 12/- per Km. Detailed tariff of Green Cabs Hyderabad can be viewed at website.

Yellow Taxi

Phone : 040-48484848 , Email :
Offers City Tours, Hourly packages, outstation travel etc. Fleet includes Economy, Sedans and SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles)

Dot Cabs

Phone : 040-24242424
Address: 6-2-46, 3rd Floor, Moin Court,AC Guards, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004

offers taxis in two variants, each with point-to-point fares and metered fares. Detailed tariff can be viewed at [12] The two variants are: i. Sedan (usually Renault Logan) ii. Family car ( Toyota Innova)

Yellow Cabs

Phone: 040 4646 4646

Old Airport road, Sancharpuri colony, New Bowenpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500011

Minimum charges: Per hour, Rs.280/- for 20 Kms , offers taxis at Rs. 12/- per Km. Detailed tariff of Yellow Cabs Hyderabad can be viewed at website. All types of cars available.

By train

MMTS Local Train

Getting around : Local trains called MMTS are available, albeit for a few places in Hyderabad, The frequency ranges from 10 minutes to around 2 per hour, save the day time and Sundays when there are fewer trains. It is a fast way of travel to the few stations it covers, and the cheapest option as well. If you plan to travel through MMTS, do check out the schedule from the website ( or mmts train timingsor  or . If you are foreign traveller it is advisable to take first class.The general class tend to get overcrowded and you can never find a seat in intermediate stations. If you have to catch a train,then do not rely on the MMTS schedule as it rarely follows it and usually late or trains get cancelled without prior notice. Daily and monthly passes are also available at the MMTS stations.

By Car

Hyderabad lacks an expressway system, leading to traffic jams during rush hours. However, an 160 km Ring Road Expressway is currently under construction.

Getting around : Driving is exciting in Hyderabad not unlike in the rest of India. You find cycles, motor cycles, rikshaws, hand carts, autos, share autos, mini trucks, buses, vestibule buses, double deckers, Volvos jostling along. There are long stretches of roads passing through thickly populated areas that have no median breaks, so vehicles, including motorbikes and cars, simply drive on the wrong side of the road. Several modern flyovers now link the arterial roads. Several car rental agencies are available at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport as well in the following locations.


Phone:  92 4100 4100


Clear Car Rental

Phone:  0888 885 5220



24/7 Avis Contact Center number



Phone: +91-9243778005



Phone:093597 80783, 90 4545 0000
Address: Road Number 55,CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

Phone: +91 88802 34455
Car Hire 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Mon. to Sat.
a Chauffeur Driven Car Rental Service across 75 Cities in India. Fares starting Rs.687 for within city and Rs.10.75/km for outstation

On foot

Hyderabad’s interesting districts are fairly spread out, but are enjoyable to explore by foot on their own. The Old City is composed of a maze of disorienting alleyways that expand outward from the Charminar. Getting lost in the markets (where you can buy anything from hand-sequined saris to freshly slaughtered goats) and alleyways in the Old City can make for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. The famous Chudi Bazaar (Lad Bazaar) across from the Charminar is a chaotic tumble of goods, people, animals and vehicles are navigated quickly on foot. The Chowmahalla palace and the Mecca Masjid are both easily accessed from the Charminar. Necklace Road, Sultan Bazar (Koti) and Abids are worth taking some time to wander around. Please note that walking can be hazardous in Hyderabad. It is common for roads to be missing pavement, or simply unpaved, and bikes and autorickshaws may go to right up to the edge of the road and climb any barrier to get ahead in traffic. Walking alongside and crossing the road can be very dangerous and it is important to stay alert for erratic driving. It is always advisable to use the foot-over bridge if there is one available.

Thinking What to See… Here the Answer




Mecca Masjid

Mecca Masjid

మక్కా మసీదు

 مکہ مسجد

Qutb Shahi Tombs

కుతుబ్ షాహీ సమాధులు
قطب شاہی کبروں


Birla Mandir

బిర్లా మందిర్
برلا مندر

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